By Susan Hammond & Charles Bailey
War Legacies Project & Ford Foundation
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  • What is Agent Orange
  • What is dioxin
  • What are the health effects of dioxin
  • What are the environmental effects of Agent Orange and the other herbicides
  • What can be done to address dioxin’s impacts
  • When were Agent Orange and the other herbicides sprayed in Vietnam
  • How much of Vietnam was sprayed
  • What happened to the remaining barrels of herbicides after the spraying ended
  • What diseases has the U.S. government found to be associated with the wartime herbicides
  • What birth defects does the VA compensate veterans for
  • What diseases and birth defects do Vietnamese scientists and agencies believe are associated with exposure to the herbicides
  • How many people are believed to be exposed to the dioxin‐contaminated herbicides in Vietnam
  • How many people have suffered adverse health affects from the dioxin
  • What is the lifespan of dioxin
  • What is the ‘safe’ level of dioxin
  • What are ‘dioxin hotspots’
  • How long does it take to clean up the ‘hotspots’ and what is the cost
  • What is the U.S. position on “Agent Orange”
  • What has the U.S. done to help the Vietnamese address the impacts of the dioxin‐contaminated herbicides
  • What have non‐governmental organizations (NGOs) done to address Agent Orange/dioxin in Viet Nam