Sometimes help is as simple as a little red plastic stool.

This was the request of Mr. Nguyen A, a widowed father of two young disabled girls in Vietnam. A $1.00 plastic stool: how, you may ask, will this help? Simple, as Mr. A explained, he was getting old and squatting on the ground to repair bikes for a living was getting too hard for him. But if he had a plastic stool to sit on he could continue to work. With the help of a donor in Minnesota in memory of U.S. veteran Bob Feldman, we bought a plastic stool (along with a brand-new air pump and bike repair materials) to send him.

Mr. A now earns enough money to support his teen-aged daughters and to send his deaf-mute daughter back to school.

Consider donating money or volunteering your services, whether to one of the War Legacies Project programs that help mitigate the impact of Agent Orange in Vietnam and Laos, a peer and partner organization working in Vietnam, or one of the programs helping U.S. veterans and their families.

Agent Orange Record is a project of the War Legacies Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax ID number 26-1947398.

The War Legacies Project conducts projects that provide comprehensive support to individuals and families heavily impacted by the war in Southeast Asia.

Contact Susan Hammond at to learn more about the War Legacies Project’s programs.

War Legacies Project Programs in Vietnam & Laos

Early Detection and Early Intervention

Working in cooperation with the Office of Genetic Counseling and Disabled Children at the Hue School of Medicine, War Legacies Project supports the screening of children for birth defects and disabilities, and provides the medical, educational or social support services they and their families need. $250 provides a year of early intervention (physical therapy, occupational therapy, specialized education) for a young child under six. $5,000 covers the yearly operating cost (e.g., salaries, children’s meals, supplies, and utilities) for a classroom for children with developmental and/or physical disabilities who have dropped out of the local school.

Special Surgery Program

There is a long waiting list of children and young adults in need of life saving or life changing surgeries in Vietnam and Laos to repair birth defects such as clubfoot, cleft palate, or congenital heart defects. War Legacies Project helps families with the costs of travel, surgery, medicine and follow-up care. Costs of surgery range from under $100 for clubfoot or cleft palate surgery to $3,000 for heart surgery.

Donations can also be made by check sent to:

War Legacies Project
144 Lower Bartonsville Rd.
Chester VT 05143

Please note on the memo line if you have specific requests for the donation, such as one of the programs listed above.

Family Support Programs

Many families caring for children with severe and multiple disabilities are unable to easily farm their lands or work outside the home, and as a result they earn less than $2 a day. Working with the Vietnam Red Cross, War Legacies Project helps families by providing financial resources and training to enable them to raise animals or start a small home business. At times, this support comes in the form of building or repairing the home, digging a well, scholarships for vocational training, or other support to help improve the family’s circumstances.

Since 2006, War Legacies Project has received donations for the Family Support Program in memory of Bob Feldman, a US veteran who died of cancer associated with his exposure to Agent Orange-Dioxin. Bob’s family and friends have contributed over $400,000 in donations which has been used to help over 550 families in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, and Dong Nai provinces.