About continuing efforts to clean up Agent Orange contamination.

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Agent Orange and the Environment: From Research to Remediation

A presentation by Phung Tuu Boi, Boi Center for Assistance in Nature Conservation and Community Development, Vietnam and advisor to the Vietnam Victims of Agent Orange Association (VAVA).

U.S. Agent Orange/Dioxin Assistance to Vietnam

By the Congressional Research Service, May 2020 update.

Hatfield Consultants Agent Orange Monitoring

Hatfield has completed numerous assessments of Agent Orange, a dioxin-contaminated herbicide that was widely used by the US military during the US-Viet Nam war.

Environmental Remediation at Da Nang Airport

Environmental Remediation at Da Nang Airport

The airports at Da Nang, Bien Hoa, and Phu Cat have been referred to as dioxin "hotspots" due to high dioxin concentrations remaining decades after large volumes of Agent Orange and other defoliants...