Featured resources about Agent Orange.


Waiting for an Army to Die: The Tragedy of Agent Orange

By Fred Wilcox. “I died in Vietnam, but I didn’t even know it,” said a young Vietnam vet on the Today Show one morning in 1978, shocking viewers across the country.

Dioxins and Health: Including Other Persistent Organic Pollutants and Endocrine Disruptors

By Arnold Schecter. Dioxins and Health offers readers quick access to essential information about dioxins and related compounds written in clear, simple language.

Dioxin Revisited: Developments Since the 1997 IARC Classification of Dioxin as a Human Carcinogen

The epidemiologic and toxicologic evidence since the IARC (1997) classification of TCDD as a human carcinogen has strengthened the case for IARC’s decision.